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Franchising is a method of distributing products or services involving a franchisor, who establishes the brand’s trademark or trade name and a business system, and a franchisee, who pays a royalty and often an initial fee for the right to do business under the franchisor's name and system. Technically, the contract binding the two parties is the “franchise,” but that term more commonly refers to the actual business that the franchisee operates. The practice of creating and distributing the brand and franchise system is most often referred to as franchising.

As experts in Mall Management and Real-estate, Al Wafrah Investments & Projects Management will provide you with the best choices and advices in managing your Franchise

Tropical Paradise

How to Franchise Your Business

Franchise Your Business / Franchise Development.

Working with an experienced team of franchise consultants and franchise development experts to design, build and customize franchise programs for businesses.  Through this refined process, businesses have the ability to grow and replicate through franchising.  Go into the franchise development process knowing that you have the tools and experience behind you to successfully franchise your business. 

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