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Real Estates & Mall Management

Al Wafrah is a  Consultancy & Management Organization. Providing the full stream of Mall Management and Investor’s Consultancy.

Our acquired longstanding expertise in the commercial market in Dubai & Egypt in Mall Mall Management has qualified us to become a leader Consultancy Organization.

Providing solutions for commercial investors and growing retailers.

More than 15 Years of Mall Management Experience.

Supporting leading project owners, managers, and (re) developers to develop quality shopping centers.

Managing a strongly performing portfolio of shopping centers, prime retail & mall (re)developments.

Al Wafrah offers a complete range of services on a local and regional basis to tenants, developers, and investors.

Every international, regional and national client depends on our ability to represent years of outspoken experience in the local markets.

Our professionals know their districts and the real estate market demands and provide knowledge and creative solutions for real estate requirements.

Escalators in a Shopping Mall


Retail space supply and demand
Competitor research
Mall concept and positioning
Tenant mix
Target customer base
Tenant Occupancy
Budget projections (rents, services and marketing)
Location/community/populatin study
Target demographics


Facility management
Cleaning and security
Tenant coordination
Human resources
Employees coordination
Financial management
Compliance management
Rules and regulation
MEP maintenance
Day-to-Day operations


Target Tenant Schedule
Priority brands, Anchor/Sub-Anchor tenants
Lease marketing strategy, budget and collateral
Documents (offers, agreements, appendices)
Terms and conditions
Document tracking and management
Payment and handover
Oversight and feedback to client
Tenancy schedule

White Structure


Marketing Planning and Budget
Event programs and coordination
Branding and copywriting
Outdoor and onsite advertising
Print and digital advertising
On-site design, signage and light-boxes
Digital design, development and marketing
Social media and web marketing
Mall-wide promotions, loyalty programs
Public relations and media partnerships


Concept and positioning Unit positioning and sub-divisionUnit layout and configurationAnchor tenants, building and unit locationsStore concept selectionAccessibility, sight-lines and circulationCommon facilitiesOperational planningTrade zoningTarget tenants, unit sizes and unit configurationsTechnical recommendations for retail unit ‘hand-over’ condition


Retail Tenant Surveys
Demographic Research and Mall Positioning Consultancy
Rental Structure and Pricing Consultancy
Target Tenant and Tenant Mix Design
Mall Concept Analysis and Review
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Safety Requirements
Rent and Sale Strategic Advisory
Retail Lease Agreement Consultancy
Mall Marketing Services
Specific Research and Consultancy Assignments

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