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The latest news of the new administrative capital

Projects scheduled to open at the end of this year in the new administrative capital by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi


👈 The government district, which includes 34 ministries in addition to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers building The new parliament building on an area of ​​26 acres The new Senate building next to the House of Representatives The new Administrative Control Authority building The headquarters of the new Presidency of the Republic 👈 The Monument to the Martyrs of Egypt, People's Square, built on an area of ​​16 acres, in addition to the highest flagpole in the world, with a height of 185 meters.

👈 Egypt Islamic Cultural Center #Egypt_Mosque is the fourth largest mosque in the world, with a capacity of 107 thousand worshipers, and the mosque is built only on an area of ​​191 thousand meters

👈 The City of Culture and Arts and the Ramses Opera House, which is built on an area of ​​126 acres

The Museum of the Capitals of Egypt inside the City of Culture and Arts

The opening of a part of the financial and business district that includes the highest skyscraper in Africa

The opening of the new strategic command headquarters, the largest octagon in the world, which includes all branches of the General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces

The opening of the Egypt International Olympic City on an area of ​​460 acres, the largest in the Middle East

👈 Opening of the third distinctive residential neighborhood R_3

The opening of the LRT electric train project, with a length of 90 km, starting from Adly Mansour Interchange Station to the New Administrative Capital.

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