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Being part of the Egyptian market, Al Wafrah team has the knowledge and experience in the relevant market and always ready to provide our Clients with the right advice/choice about the type of project that provides the optimum profit with the most economical solutions. Al Wafrah inputs could also be provided to the ongoing construction that went off track in terms of time frame or cost

Our project management services

Investment Chart

Feasibility Studies

Al Wafrah study hard the practicality of the proposed project. Our study answers the following questions:

  • Is the proposed project feasible to the relevant market?

  • What are the obstacles and how to solve them?

  • Do we have the people, tools, technology, resources and finance necessary for this project to succeed?

  • Will the project get us the return on investment (ROI) that we need and expect?

Business Meeting

Stakeholders Management

Stakeholders are the people, groups or organizations that have a key interest in the outcomes of a project. They can include developers, investors, Engineers, designers, board members, contractors, government, end user. They are typically involved in the approval process and can either make a project difficult or extremely easy depending on how well they’re managed via a stakeholder management plan that Al-Wafrah implements specifically for each project

Holding Plant

Strategic Risks Management

All parties involved in a project inevitably carry certain risks. Risk can be defined as a hazard, a probability of it to occur and the potential of losses and resulting gains. Risk can be defined as a difference of actual and expected results. Risks can be managed, reduced, transferred or accepted, but it cannot be ignored. Al Wafrah manages the risks through the following four stages: risk identification, risk analysis, selection of risk management technique and monitoring of the management of risk consequences. 

Signing a Contract

Procurement Advice &

Contracts Selection

Al Wafrah provides the Client with the right advice on the contract strategy that best suits the project objectives. Contract strategy means selecting organizational and contractual guidelines required for the execution of a specific project. The development of the contract strategy comprises a complete assessment of the contracts choices available for the management of design and construction to maximize the likelihood of achieving project objectives. The scope of such contracts is very wide, from a simple purchase of standard project to multi-million pound projects. The size and complexity of the contract matter vary accordingly. 


Tendering & Commercial Negotiation

Tendering is the process of selecting the most suitable contractor for a construction project.

Al Wafrah provides full involvement in this process starting from managing all tender documents and through inviting contractors to tender, monitoring all tender queries and the Engineer's reply, receiving contractors bids, bids evaluation, negotiating the price with the most competitive  bidder, value engineering and finally signing the contract with the lowest bidder bearing in mind the capability of such bidder and the relevant reputation. 

Architect at Construction Site

Construction & Project Control

Project professionals know that, whether it’s a large-scale construction project or a small building, there will always be unexpected delays, additional costs, or unexpected circumstances. Without project controls to anticipate and resolve these issues, costs and delays can spiral into huge expenses and affect other areas of the business. Projects of all sizes, not just large projects, experience significant benefits when controls are properly executed. Al-Wafrah provides close monitoring, analysis, regulation and reports in order to keep the project in check and on track.

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